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Healthy hair is sexy. Color treated hair that shows off your style is sexy. Texture and styling technique that frames your face is sexy. Our industrial chic Bay Area salon awaits you.

Jil loves doing sexy, amazing hair for her devoted clientele at her art infused Berkeley salon oasis.

She cares deeply about how you look and how you’re loved.

She strives to make you feel welcome to be yourself and find your unique sexiness.


Book Eric

Imagine dropping by your friend’s house to get a cool new haircut in the kitchen. Splashy indie rock or 80’s new wave playing on the stereo. Dishing, gabbing, griping, flirting, and chatting. This was the scene where Eric got his start doing hair.

It’s the same vibe at Blow Salon, seeing Eric for a trim feels less like a chore and more like hanging out with your bff. He’s got style and wants to help you accentuate yours.

Eric works with it-girls, professionals, hipsters, and nerds. Hers, hims, and they all achieve dreamy style with him.

Book Yasmine

Yasmine is a Bay Area stylist who has created a lifestyle and passion dedicated to making all things beautiful. While having a great haircut and color that enhances your natural beauty can be life changing, it is also important to factor in a manageable self-care routine.

Yasmine specializes in haircuts, creative color, hair add-ins and event styling. She has experience in all aspects of the salon, from being the creative talent, to the business administrator, manager, and product knowledge enthusiast. She loves everything about this industry and has a dream to change people’s hair and overall confidence through her creativity, skill and knowledge.

Book Hillary

Hillary clawed her way to styling through years of soul-destroying corporate hell. A lifelong fascination with haircutting began in childhood, resulting in baby Hillary’s many dolls each sporting avant garde haircuts. Hillary’s deep commitment to aesthetic evolved through her years as a performer, where styling became equally important to sound on stage.

Hillary understands that style and aesthetic are more than just superficial signifiers – they’re hella important elements of self care and presentation. She relishes the opportunity to mix her creativity with each client’s individual magic to create a majestic mane, worthy of a unicorn.

Hillary is serious about the craft of hair, but loves it most for the independence, creativity, and fun it offers. Take a seat in her styling throne and let the glamour wash over you. Leave the salon with a runway-ready look that works with your daily life to look just as good at home as it does fresh out the salon.