February 2015

Bronners vs Davine’s ph Test


Davine pH 5.3

Davine pH 5.3


Dr. Bronner's pH 9.3

Dr. Bronner’s pH 9.3

Research has found increased skin pH is associated with a reduction in the protective acidic barrier of the skin leading to inflammatory skin disorders, growth in harmful bacteria, and accelerated skin aging.

This pH test demonstrates the difference between some of our Davine products and traditional Castile soap. Notice the dramatic difference in pH levels, due to the logarithmic nature of the pH scale, each whole pH value is ten times more acidic than the next higher value.

Hair and skin are both covered by an acidic thin layer called the mantle, a combination of oil, salt, and water which is slightly acidic (pH = 4.5 – 6.2). This acid mantle is crucial to regulating the appropraite moisture balance in our hair and skin. Proper pH levels also allow the cuticles to be flatter against the hair shaft, making hair both smoother and shinier as the flatter scales reflect light more evenly. Cuticles that lie more tightly to the hair shaft also prevent moisture loss, helping hair to be healthier and stronger. With normal stress, this acid mantle can become contaminated or removed and must be restored with the use of properly pH-balanced products.

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